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Looking for pet-friendly Willow Grove apartments? Head to The Station at Willow Grove. This brand-new community offers a resort-style dog park that is a fully enclosed for you and your pet’s convenience. It won’t matter if it is pouring outside or in the middle of a snow storm, you’ll be able to let your dog run around inside just a few steps from your door.

Our apartments offer the perfect home base for you and your furry friend right in Willow Grove. The downtown area provides a variety of spaces you and Fido can explore and our convenient location is right near the heart of it all. Enjoy the many places to stop in for treats and peruse little shops around the town with your furry family member in tow. 

If your furry friend needs new places to explore away from home, the dog parks near Willow Grove are a great place for a little socialization and doggie dates! Mill Creek Park has a lot of natural territory for some on-leash excitement, as well as a fenced in space for all the dogs to gallivant around chasing tennis balls. The small and large dog sections of the park are best on bright and sunny days at Mill Creek. Grove Run Dog Park also has two separate spaces and is a wonderful spot for doggie meet and greets. There are even fun obstacles and toys for all the pups to play with while surrounded by a lovely tree-lined fence, making it feel like a refreshing step away from the city and suburbs.

The Station at Willow Grove’s pet-friendly Willow Grove apartments offer open-style living concepts that are perfect for living with your furry friends. Plus, the amenities of the location make walking your pup more fun. Set up a little cookout at one of our outdoor grills or take a nice stroll with your dog around our furnished courtyard. The Station at Willow Grove really is a treat for you and your pup! There is even a PetSmart just a seven-minute drive away so you can stay stocked up on Fido’s favorites.

Check out our website or call for more information on our pet policy at The Station at Willow Grove and sign up for our VIP waitlist.

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